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Introducing our adorable Peeking Dog Leash Holder, the perfect addition to any dog-lover's home decor. This charming piece features a dog peeking over the edge, giving the appearance of a friendly companion waiting to go for a walk. Customers can choose from a variety of optional backgrounds and sizes to ensure the perfect fit for their space. And for those who want to truly customize their leash holder, we offer the option to pick your dog, allowing you to select the breed that best represents your furry friend. Keep your dog's leash organized and add a touch of whimsy to your home with our Peeking Dog Leash Holder. Choose how many hooks you want from 1-4 hooks available.

Measures 10.5"x8"

Peeking DogLeash Holder

  • Please let us know how many hooks you want. You may have up to 4 gold hooks. 

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