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Kathy is one of the owners of ReBorn. She has been refinishing furniture and painting for as long as she can remember -"before it was cool"! In addition to re-purposing furniture she is a busy farm wife, mom of 3 adult kids and grandma to 4 Grandkids. Previous to opening up ReBorn she ran a professional house painting and wood finishing business. 10 years ago, she decided to change focus and pursue her dream job of working on furniture full time and opening a store. We joke that she had to open a store because her house was full of her projects and in order to keep doing what she loved, she had to start selling some things! What motivates her is the thrill of the hunt for that next treasure and the satisfaction of seeing a outdated piece become something beautiful. She is the paint and refinishing expert on our team, mainly working in the shop on the farm with her husband Ron (you will hear about him later) but you will see her in the store from time to time and teaching workshops. On a personal note, she is my (Becky) mom. We have had many adventures working together and I admire her passion, work ethic, creativity, fun spirit and how she shows her love for God and her family. 

Ron is an owner of ReBorn along with his wife Kathy. He has been involved in this business every step of the way. Ron's job is very important - being a very humble man, he refers to himself as "the chair glue- er" or "the drawer fix-er", but we prefer to acknowledge him as our Restoration Specialist! He literally looks over every piece of furniture and makes sure it is functional and sound and if it needs fixing - he will tackle anything. Well, almost... there was this one buffet that came into the shop in pieces and he said "no way"... it went on the burn pile :) Ron is involved with painting and varnishing pieces when he is not fixing or handcrafting original furniture. Speaking of handcrafting furniture, he has this unique talent of taking ideas that we think up in our heads and even though in our minds it should be simple, its actually not but he always finds a way! In addition to his role at ReBorn, he is a farmer, dad and grandpa. And since he's my (Becky) dad, I get to brag about him a little because he never will - I admire his attention to detail, his ability to tackle any project and stick to it, and also his willingness to drop everything and help out a family member, neighbor or church friend.



Restoration Specialist


Design Team

Larissa is part of the design team at ReBorn, working at the shop regularly and at the store about 1 day a month. She also gets in on our treasure hunting adventures, garage sale searching, and old house tear down projects. With Kathy, Larissa and Ron in the shop it is amazing how efficient they can be! Larissa brings a fresh perspective - sometimes we get stuck in a rut and have no inspiration for a piece and Larissa will look at it and come up with a great idea for what to do. She is also looking at what the trends are and pushing us to try new things even if it isn't our own "personal style". She helps us keep things in the store that appeal to many different people. If you see Larissa in the store you can be sure that you will get great advice from someone who works with Chalk Paint products on a weekly basis and has seen it all. In addition to working at ReBorn, Larissa juggles another part time job and is a busy wife and mom to 3 kids. We are so fortunate to have Larissa as part of our team, actually I think we consider her family.

Kristi is a sales associate at ReBorn. She works at the store about 3 days a week. When we were looking to expand our business, Kristi came along and has been a perfect fit! Kristi is great at managing our website, pinterest and instagram. She is also very knowledgeable about working with Chalk Paint and helping customers with DIY projects. Many of the accent and decor items in the store are created by Kristi - pillows with custom wraps, signs that she has designed and made, macrame wall hangings and more. She is always on the lookout for the latest trends and new things that we can offer our customers. Kristi is a woman of many talents and a great asset to our team. In addition to working at ReBorn, she is a wife to Alan, a mom of 7 kids and has 1 grandson. I have known Kristi for several years and watched her raise her kids and I'm pretty sure I'm going to have her number on speed dial when my girls are teenagers (which is not far off) because I respect her so much.



Sales associate
Web Design


Treasure Hunter

John has a very important behind the scenes job. He has treasure hunting down to a science! John has it all planned so that he know which days the local thrift stores put out fresh furniture and which auctions he is most likely to get a good deal at. With a great eye for quality furniture (and a bargain), we can always count on him for awesome pieces to re-purpose and put on the sales floor at ReBorn. John is also a talented woodworker. He makes hand turned pens, custom tables and other wood items. And how he makes everything fit in his truck to deliver to Luverne is quite impressive! Thanks Uncle John - we couldn't do this without you!

Abbie is the garage sale queen! She will brave 100 degree heat in a van with no air conditioning or sleet and snow in the same van with no 4 wheel drive. She has many stories about going to garage sales in "White Lightning" - what we affectionately call our big van with no seats so we can haul lots of stuff. If she takes more than 1 friend along they have to sit in a lawn chair and usually by the end of the day, there isn't even room for the lawn chair - you just find a place to sit between the stuff. I think there was even a time when her and her friends had an audience when trying to get that last bargain in the van. They had to unload everything and repack it but they got it all in. The crowd clapped when they got the door shut! In addition to these fun adventures Abbie is also a full time taxidermist, wife to Trevor and mom to 2 kids ages 12 and 10. So grateful that she is my sister too!



Treasure Hunter
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