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5 Top Tips for Making Your Chalk Paint go Further

Updated: Apr 2

Embarking on a painting project is a creative journey, but the mess and waste that might accompany it can be a dampener. In this blog post, we’ll look at some eco-conscious techniques to make your painting endeavors less messy, save paint, and contribute to a more sustainable approach.

1. Elastic Band Magic:

The simple addition of an elastic band to your paint tin is a game-changer. By wiping excess paint off your brush against the band, you ensure that all surplus paint returns to the tin rather than ending up on the edges. This not only minimizes waste but also reduces the cleanup effort.

2. Clingfilm Chronicles:

When your project extends beyond a single day, clingfilm becomes your ally. Wrap your paintbrush and roller in clingfilm at the end of the day to avoid unnecessary water wastage during cleaning. This practice not only saves paint but also preserves the integrity of your tools. Consider using compostable clingfilm to align with eco-friendly choices and wrap your roller tray to prevent paint from hardening overnight.

3. Tin Opener Wisdom:

A small but impactful change – use a proper paint tin opener. This prevents the destructive butter knife from damaging the metal lid, ensuring a snug seal. A well-sealed paint tin lasts longer, preventing unnecessary drying and preserving the paint for future use.


4. Flake-Free Zone:

Dry bits of paint around a tin can end up as unwanted guests in your fresh paint. Keep an eye on potential flakes and consider decanting your paint into a sealed container or Tupperware. This prevents contamination and ensures that your paint remains smooth and easy to work with until the last drop.

 5. Mix and Match Creativity:

Running low on a specific paint color? Fear not! Our Chalk Paint colors are mixable. Get creative and blend your own shades to extend your paint’s life and cover that last bit of your project. This not only saves you from buying more paint but also adds a personalized touch to your creations.


With these tips in your arsenal, your painting projects can be not only less messy but also more sustainable. By minimizing waste and maximizing the use of your paint, you’re not only saving resources but also contributing to a cleaner, greener planet. Happy painting!

Taken from Annie Sloan Inspiration


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